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night terrors -- Durango trip [24 Mar 2008|02:41pm]
This weekend we were in Durango and Pagosa Springs. The hotel only had a room with one queen bed, so Shannon, Kenny and I were all sleeping in the one bed. It was really hot and squished. The dogs were in the room too but I don't think they were jumping up on the bed; it was too full. On Friday night I had a lot of night terrors, just sitting up and screaming, all night long. Last night (Saturday night) I was wasted but I didn't have any night terrors as far as anyone knew.
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bad night terrors [21 Mar 2008|02:39pm]
I had particularly bad night terrors last night. My sister is visiting me from Pennsylvania and was sleeping in my bed with me. She said I had three night terrors. In two of them, I was trying to get out the window by my bed. In one of them, I fell out of bed and ran rapidly away. In that one, I hit the back of my right shoulder on my dresser and it scraped a bunch of my skin. This morning I have a huge red mark and bruises and scratches, like someone beat me up.
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bad night terrors night before last, none last night [14 Mar 2008|05:37pm]
I had very very bad night terrors two nights ago (the night of Wed. March 12th). Kenny said I had four. I had a dream where he was going to kill me. In my dream it was the 29th and on the 27th he had said he was going to kill me in 2 days. I had overheard him or something and confronted him about it, and he had said that he didn't really mean it, he was just kidding, he would never hurt me. But on the 29th he locked me in the room and was planning my demise! So in real life I woke up shouting at him and cursing that he is going to kill me, I can't believe he is really killing me.

Finally I ran out of the room saying "I won't let you kill me." But I was half awake by that point and by the time I was out of the room I realized it was not real and I felt embarrassed and I didn't want to go back in. So I went to the couch and had a thin blanket and I was cold but I think that helped because I didn't have any more after that (I usually have them when I get hot). He said the next day he was kind of glad I went to the couch because he couldn't sleep with all my night terrors.

I'm not sure why I had them so badly. I was feeling very stressed and emotional all day but that's been pretty normal ever since I've been trying to figure out all of this night terror stuff (ironic LOL). I had a counseling appointment in which I told my counselor about my recent email exchanges about religion with my mom. I ran with Carey and she mentioned that I seemed stressed out. The run was harder than normal -- I hadn't eaten right or much that day (a piece and a half of chocolate cake, some leftover rice with a small amount of chicken, and some fruit) and I also had both dogs and Venus was pulling to see other dogs. I was really busy trying to do too many things at once -- I had to call Kody for his birthday then stop and get his birthday gifts. I picked up subs and beer and went to Kenny's house where our friends were already gathered for poker. I was supposed to call Janneth to answer some legal questions but I didn't have enough time after talking to my family for Kody's birthday. She called me during poker and said it was urgent, so I did it then. I was thinking of how I get stretched thin in so many directions and I don't want to cut anyone out but then I don't have time to take care of myself! :-O Oh also I had money worries -- I bounced a check at Bank of Albquerque and I had to call about my Bank of America payment and my mortgage payment, etc. I won second in poker and then I watched American Idol with Kenny and we both fell asleep on the couch. Like usual, he woke me up and said let's go to bed. I guess it was a really busy day but nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I did eat really spicy habanero beef jerky at poker, which I've recently read is a trigger for night terrors (spicy food). But I only had like two bites.

I had none last night as far as we know, despite watching "Premonition" and eating a meal before going to bed (neither are recommended LOL). And I had a stressful day again -- in the morning I was driving to a hearing in Santa Fe and really stressed out and afraid of getting lost. I was also really annoyed at Asshat who has been playing games again. My fears came true and I ended up getting lost in Santa Fe. Kenny told me I just need to relax and plan better and allow myself more time for getting lost, etc. He's right. He told me to let it go and try to relax. I went to Flying Star and finished work for my real estate law mentor, which I was supposed to already have done. I ate a burger and fries. I have been eating so badly lately and never getting time to exercise. I hadn't eaten anything else all day, just coffee, and I was starving. I went into work and did some work. In the afternoon and evening I was feeling a less stressed out about things. I have been thinking a lot about accepting myself for who I am and being more assertive, like my therapist recommends. I told Asshat to leave me alone and that was a big relief. I did some writing at home and then went to Kenny's. I felt really close to Kenny last night -- we have been so busy we never have time to relax. It was nice to just watch a movie and eat pizza and ice cream with him. :) We also ended up doing the horizontal polka if you know what I mean. Not to give TMI but I am wondering if that affects it at all because it obviously relaxes me. Or maybe I didn't have them because I was feeling close and comfortable with him.

I want to get a security camera to know for sure when I have them and when I don't. I wonder how much those cost...
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Night terror [11 Mar 2008|04:35pm]
Kenny said I had a "small" night terror last night. I'm beginning to realize based on my research that those "small" night terrors are actually what night terrors are -- waking up in terror, with a scream or shortness of breath and panic. The other night terrors -- the "big" ones -- are when they're particularly bad and I run away from them or act them out. Those are not as common as the "small" night terrors.
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night terrors past two nights [08 Mar 2008|04:54pm]
Kenny said I've had "small" night terrors the past two nights.

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Possible causes of NTs / age 12 [06 Mar 2008|05:02pm]
Ellen at my writer's group asked if perhaps they could be hormonal. I had never thought of this before, but it would make sense, because they started when I was 12, the same year I got my period (yes, probably TMI ;) Oh well.) And one doctor told me that perhaps my night terrors would go away in my 30's -- maybe that is based on some kind of hormonal cycle?? Also my mom has problems with hormones, could explain the genetic aspects. I told Ellen they happen a lot when I get hot, which makes me think of "heat flashes".

I was reading on a night terror website and I saw this: After years of tracking, it appears that my extreme NT's usually occur within a few days of expecting a period. I have always suffered with PMT, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and also had PND (Post-Natal Depression) after both children were born. Hormones have always been a problem for me so this seems to be my definite link. Would be very interested to hear if any other females have tracked a similar experience??

I just read this on the night terrors forum:
After years of tracking, it appears that my extreme NT's usually occur within a few days of expecting a period. I have always suffered with PMT, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and also had PND (Post-Natal Depression) after both children were born. Hormones have always been a problem for me so this seems to be my definite link. Would be very interested to hear if any other females have tracked a similar experience??


Another thing that fascinates me about age 12 is that it's when I was becoming an adult more than a child -- my personality was forming. Usually children have night terrors but they go away by the time they are 12. For me, it was the opposite. I really do think that my night terrors are linked to my personality/ pscyhological makeup and my ability (or lack thereof) to handle stressful factors. I would like to explore issues of control, assertiveness, constraint, rationalism, etc.
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triggers [06 Mar 2008|04:58pm]
I am going to start making sure I sleep on my side. Someone in my writer's group said this is the best way not to have nightmares, snore, etc. It's related to sleep apnea, which has been suggested as a related condition by some of my previous doctors.

I'm also going to ask Kenny to monitor my temperature if he wakes up and see that I'm hot --- to take off blankets etc.

I just read on a night terrors forum that eating spicy food can be a trigger. Oh great!!! :( As well as peanut butter, processed meats and sugary foods. Oh great, are they suggesting I change my entire diet?!!?
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night terrors [06 Mar 2008|04:25pm]
Today I had a counseling session with my therapist, Dr. Bien. His practice is focused on "mindful psychology" and he's been asking about my dreams. He said that dreams can show us our progress and state in real life. So I decided to tell him about my night terrors. He recommended that I write stream of conciousness thoughts for 15 minutes or so every night before I go to bed, so that I can get rid of any stress or anxiety. We had just been talking about how I am an "others-centered", passive person who soaks up a lot of the stress and feelings of others. He said that night terrors may be, in part, my way to deal with and release this stress. He said that if I work on being more "assertive", which is the middle position between "aggressive" and "passive", maybe my night terrors will get better. I sure hope so!

He gave me tips for insomnia that he thinks will help with night terrors too. They include things that sound impossible for me, such as going to bed and waking up at the same time every night/ morning, limiting my caffeine consumption, not eating a big meal before I go to bed, not reading or watching TV in bed, doing peaceful, relaxing activities before I go to bed, not watching violent or emotional movies before going to bed, and not having more than 2 drinks of alcohol. Oh great. I really don't know how I will be able to do all of these but I guess I should start doing them and see if they work.

The only things I can think of noticing- that have made night terrors more frequent or dramatic are alcohol, being too hot, and going to bed really late. They say they're brought on by stress but I can't see a correlation -- I guess I'm always stressed.

We'll see if anything works.
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night terrors -- writing group input [04 Mar 2008|04:55pm]
So, tonight at my writers' group, we talked about the beginning of my memoir on night terrors. First I read it to Kenny, and he really liked it. People at the writers' group liked it too and had all kinds of interesting ideas for me. They see my night terrors being out of control and totally irrational, the opposite of my attorney career that involves total control, logic and reason. They want to see some sort of a struggle that I overcome -- what obstacles night terrors represent for me and how I overcome them. They want more details and description about my youth and the circumstances of my earliest night terrors (okay, I can do that). They want an explanation of night terrors right up front because they don't know exactly what they are or how they differ from night terrors. They want to know about my journey from age 12 until now and what I've learned about night terrors and myself. They want to know why I have them and someone else -- my sister, for instance -- doesn't, when they are supposed to be genetic, and we also were raised in the same environment. One girl, Deborah, was very inspiring and she said that she wants to see me bring in themes of night terrors in history, mythology, pscyhology, etc. She said she saw a show on night terrors that said there is evidence of people having them in ancient Greece. Very interesting!!
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night terror -- they're after us [28 Feb 2008|10:36pm]
Thursday February 28, 2008 (Kenny's house):

Kenny was lying on his side sleeping and I started pulling him up and telling him "come on, come on, we have to go." I got him to be sitting half way up and he said "why do we have to go?" I said, "they're after us! They're going to get us! Come on!" He finally convinced me that no one was there. I said, "really? No one's here?" And he said yes. We laid back down and I told him, "I'm just glad you're okay, because I love you."
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night terrors -- memoir [27 Feb 2008|04:49pm]
I have joined a writer's group and the host of the group, after reading one of my short stories, suggested I try writing memoir or personal essay (which is what she writes). I said I had started something on night terrors that I was thinking of continuing. Everyone in the group was very interested.

So I've started writing a book (memoir) about my night terrors. I'm also going to start researching more about night terrors and exploring why I have them and what, if anything, I can do to make them less frequent.
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I'm back biotches ;-p [16 Feb 2008|02:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I wasn't able to access my livejournal at work because I couldn't remember my old password. My old email address associated with this account is no longer active, so I had no way to have it emailed it to me. The only way I could ever get into livejournal was on my laptop which had automatically saved my old password behind *****. But I don't have Internet at my house so it was rare that I would come onto livejournal.

Then I heard about this program called Revelation that shows you your password behind the *****. So I am at Satellite Coffee with my laptop and I downloaded it and used it, and sure enough, it showed me my livejournal password! I feel very tech savvy lol. So now I'm back, which is good because I've been trying to write every day and I would like to post again in fictionslamming. I can get onto livejournal at work or wherever now, yay.

Revelation! -- very cool password-revealing software... and as a bonus, it's absolutely free! :)

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Week 1 of new year [03 Jan 2007|04:38pm]
Day 2: Jan 2, 2006
(traveling -- flew back to ABQ from PA, so it was hard to eat right)

Almost 1 sausage burrito at McDonald's -- wow I had no idea these were so fattening!
275 cal, 14g fat, 1g fiber, 12g protein
Fruit & yogurt parfait from McDonald's with granola pouch
160 cal, 2g fat, 1g fiber, 4g protein
Veggie and hummus wrap at airport -- estimating calories
150 cal, 2g fat, 3g fiber, 4g protein
Fresh fruit at airport -- about 1.5 cups
100 cal, 1g fat, 3g fiber, 1g protein
Coffee w/ milk and sugar at McDonalds
100 cal, 1g fat
1/2 cup tortilla soup (chicken and corn) at Garduno's -- estimating nutritional info
150 cal, 3g fat, 0g fiber, 7g protein
1/2 shrimp salad at Garduno's
100 cal, 3g fat, 1.5 fiber, 17g protein :)

Total: 1,035 cal,
Exercise: None -- on plane all day :(
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Post-Christmas Run [27 Dec 2006|02:05am]
I am in PA with my family for the holiday, it's very relaxing and fun. I'm glad I'm getting to spend so much time with my family and Kenny all together.

I finally worked out, after a couple days of Christmas sloth, yay. For Christmas I got a Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS wrist device, yay. :) :) :) So today I gave it a try, and it rocks! My dad and Kenny and I (yes I made Kenny run, and he did it because I bought him tickets to Chicago to see the Bears play-off game for Christmas, so now I'm golden) went on a 3-mile run around town. With our cool-down it was 40 minutes. Then I put another Christmas present to use -- a Carribean Workout DVD from my sister. :) Plus the Great Abs workout on the fitness ball and stretching. So it was an hour workout total. I'm going to try to keep this up while I'm on vacation.

I tried to be better with my diet today. I wasn't that great but I was better than I was previously doing, so I guess there's some progress. I woke up at noon so I didn't have breakfast. Hee hee. We went to Pizza Hut right away and I had a salad with oil and vinegar, two smallish slices of pizza, a small amount of noodles with tomato sauce, and 1 breadstick, with ice water. For dinner I had a 6" turkey sub on wheat from Sheetz, on wheat bread with no cheese (that was a tough one!) and veggie toppings with honey mustard. I also had a banana. I've been horrible about not eating enough fruit lately. :( So at least I included the banana. Then at night we were all playing board games and I indulged in 3 peanut M & Ms, a piece of chocoate cake and half a piece of apple bread. And my sister and I split a bowel of healthy cereal (bran flakes and nuts and raisens, with another chopped banana yay) with fat free milk that I bought myself at Sheetz because the rest of my family drinks whole milk. And I drank two cups of coffee -- the one at Sheetz was with one cinnamin flavored creamer and skim milk, and the one this morning was with whatever my dad put in it, I think regular flavored creamer.

I had a fantastic Christmas. :) Tonight Kenny went to dinner with my parents, so I feel/ hope there will be a proposal soon!!
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[24 Dec 2006|10:39pm]

Friday Dec. 22nd -- still getting over the flu, felt crappy, but jogged/ walked (mostly jogged) for 25 minutes outside with Katie. Then did seven minutes of stretching and sit-ups with medicine ball. 32 minutes total.

Saturday Dec. 23rd -- 45 minute run outside with Katie. Almost 4 miles. Plus 7 minutes of stretching and regular sit-ups and 25 squats. 52 minutes total.

It's been a bad week because I was sick. I need to pick it back up! I did a speed workout, but not a pace run or a long run. :(
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Sick :( [22 Dec 2006|10:34am]
I was sick. :( I came down with the flu or something on Monday and had a fever! I can't remember having a fever since I had a tooth infection in Spain when I was 19!!! I was as sick as I'd been in a long time. I am finally almost better. That sucked. I lied around in bed for like three days. Obviously I didn't eat much except soup. Then yesterday I pigged out because I finally felt better. Tamara came over and helped me make spicy corn for my work potluck today. And before that PNM and my firm had a party at the Carom Club with lots of yummy appetizers and drinks.

On Monday I did a speed workout -- 4 X 1600 at 10K pace. It turned out to be 4.3 miles and 50 minutes, about 700 calories burned. That's all I did this week due to being sick and then trying to catch up on everything. Hopefully today I can run and tomorrow I can do a long run.

I have a bound running log that I can't wait to start after the new year. That will keep me consistent hopefully.

There's a potluck at work at noon so I hope I don't pig out too bad. I'm going to write it down so that makes me stop and think. I am so excited it's almost Christmas. :) After the potluck I'll be done with any serious work until 2007 yay. :) We fly to PA on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas. :) It's the happiest time of the year!!!
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My birthday was a blast :) [18 Dec 2006|03:42pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

It was last weekend -- on the 9th, but I got sooo busy I haven't had time to write about it. My sister flew out from PA to surprise me for my birthday. :) It was such a blast. We did a lot of shopping (especially at Buffalo Exchange and the new ABQ Uptown), got our belly buttons (re-)pierced, and partied like it was... well, 2006, because we didn't party much in 1999. ;)

On Friday she and Kenny walked right into my office and surprised me -- I nearly fainted when I saw she was here. ;) I took her to the new Elephant Bar and left work early for the rest of the weekend (of course -- how could I concentrate on drafting jury instructions when my sister was in town?! ;) On Friday night we went to Tucano's Brazilian Grill with a bunch of friends, and then to Carom Club and OPM. I hadn't been out dancing in a long time, and it was so much fun. We stayed up until 6am, which I also haven't done in a long time! On Saturday we went to see the New Mexico Ballet and Symphony Orchestra perform the Nutcracker-- part of my birthday gift from Kenny :)-- and then went to Pelican's on the West Side where my sister used to work. Then Kenny, Shan, Eric and I played Pictionary until like 4am -- another long night! On Sunday we went shopping and got the peircings, and then we went to Garduno's on 4th Street with Kenny's parents. It was cute because that's what we did last year and Shan was there too so I said it was becoming a tradition. :) Then we went to Eric's and caught the second half of the Saints game (woo hoo they kicked the Cowboys' butts) and watched Ghost on TV.

It was really the best birthday I've had, although I said that last year. ;) They were both very close but this one wins out because of the total surprise!!! :)

Pictures coming soon, of course.

I've been writing down (mostly) what I eat but I haven't had time to post it, but I've been pretty good overall because I'm still 125lb as of this morning. :) Yay. I must be super good until Christmas, hopefully I'll lose another pound or two before then. I need to update how much I run because I really keep track of that, but I think I will just start over again today with how much I eat. And I'm not going to keep track of weeks because it's an ongoing thing anyway. I haven't had much time to run :( and it's been teetering off sometimes, but overall I've tried to run as much as I can and I've stayed consistent, at least. Last Friday I did a 7-mile pace run at 10 minutes a mile... so 7 miles in an hour and ten minutes, and that made me really happy. :) It wasn't even too hard. But I partied too much after that (my reward for a good pace run? ;) and was pretty much out of commission the rest of the weekend. I managed to jog for 25 minutes with Katie on Sunday and do some situps and squats, but I was hurting. I haven't had time to fit in a long run this weekend or last weekend. :(

Since the New Year is coming up, it's a good time to incorporate this into my resolutions. :) I'll just plan to write down what I eat every day all year. On January 1st I'll start with day 1, and hopefully I'll get up to day 365. :) But I might buy a food journal or calorie tracking software or something -- I can't figure out if it's more helpful for me to do it online, or on paper, etc. All I know is that the only thing that works is making sure I write it down *somewhere* to keep me accountable. I just need better organizational skills, as usual.

I have been soooooooo busy getting ready for Christmas. I feel like I don't have time for anything. I can't wait to go to PA and just relax, with Kenny and my family. :) Then New York for New Year's will be hectic but fun, yay. :) I haven't had time to devote enough energy to work. So I will have to make that a new year's resolution too and start over fresh and hard-working in the new year, when I don't have birthday/ Christmas activities to hold me back. ;) And I'm not being too hard on myself because this is the last Christmas I'll really get to enjoy -- I'll be so caught up with work and clients next year that I won't get much of a break throughout December like I'm doing now. :)

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(Monday) [18 Dec 2006|03:39pm]
1.5 handfuls dried fruit & nut trail mix -- 100 cal
Reduced calorie pudding w/ 1 banana, and 1 rice cake -- 200 cal
2 cups coffee w/ 2 Tbsp Fat Free flavored creamer -- 100 cal
4 oz. Activia yogurt w/ grapes & pineapple -- 150 cal
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Day 32 -- Month 2, Week 1, Day 3 [07 Dec 2006|10:47am]

Ate today:

~ Banana with reduced calorie pudding (150 cal, .5g fat)

~ 1 cup coffee w/ fat free flavored creamer (25 cal, 0g fat)

~ Very small handful peanuts (25 cal, 1g fat)

~ ABQ Uptown luncheon for work:
Salad w/ sm amt dressing (75 cal, 2g fat)
3 oz chicken with light gravy and asparagus and broccoli (250 cal, 5g fat)
1 cup coffee w/ 1 packet sugar & sm amt milk (50 cal, 1g fat)
3/4th fruit pastry (150 cal, 3g fat)

~ 4 oz Activia yogurt w/ fruit (150 cal, 2g fat)

~ Salad w/ Fat Free dressing (100 cal, 2g fat)

~ 2 Twizzlers, two chips w/ salsa, 1 bite Caramello bar (100 cal, 2g fat)

Total: 1,075 cal, 16.5 g fat

Low calories (maybe too low? I don't know if I estimated correctly) but I ate some bad stuff. Pastry, etc. I guess an A- for diet.

6 mile pace run, at 10 minutes a mile, for 60 minutes. Burned 1,050 calories :)
10 min of stretching and abs.

1 hour, 10 minute workout total.

A+ for workout. A overall.

I was sooooo proud of myself after my workout. It was late (9 - 10pm), I had been working on eBay all night, and I was tired. I really didn't feel like doing it. After about 1.5 miles I wanted to quit. But I just kept running and pushing myself. Finally around mile 4 I felt like I knew I could do it. This is definitely the farthest I've ever ran at a pretty fast pace like that. :) So yaaaaay I'm happy!

(From earlier):

Tonight I am going to try to list everything possible on eBay to get it all out of the house before Christmas. Then I'll relax for my birthday. :) Kenny is taking today and tomorrow off of work to "get ready" for my birthday. Oooh suprises surprises. I wonder what he has in store. :)

Tomorrow night we are going to Tecano's with a bunch of friends and then downtown to celebrate -- I'll be dancing at midnight when I turn the big 2-6. Ha. On Saturday we are going to dinner with his parents and then to see the Nutcracker at Popejoy, it's the New Mexico Ballet and Symphony Orchestra. Yaaaaay. :) I don't want to turn 26 but I am excited to get to celebrate with friends and especially with Kenny. :)
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Day 31 -- Month 2, Week 1, Day 2 [06 Dec 2006|10:31am]

I weighed 125.5 today. Okay, better.

Ate today:

~ 2 bananas
(200 cal, 1g fat)

~ 5" turkey & provolone cheese wrap w/ veggies, no dressing -- Litigation mtng at work
(250 cal, 7g fat)

~ Small veggie salad w/ Fat Free french dressing (brought from home :) -- Litigation mtng
(50 cal, 0g fat)

~ Chocolate chip cookie
(100 cal, 3g fat)

~ 4 oz Activia w/ grapes & pineapple
(150 cal, 2g fat)

~ 2 bites Kenny's tacos at Louie's, 1 bite Kenny's gingerbread cookie, 2 cups coffee
(100 cal, 2g fat)

~ 3 pieces pita bread w/ 2 Tbsp hummus and veggies at Flying Star -- GOTR meeting
(200 cal, 2g fat)

~ 1 handful peanuts
(50 cal, 2g fat)

Total: 1,100 cal, 19g fat

Yay is that it? Thought it was more. Even with the cookie!

A+ on diet.

Exercise: Scheduled rest -- busy, and it was after speed workout before pace workout

A+ total.

Well, Kenny and I put together a little package for the all-female troop in Baghdad. Then I sent an email out to the entire Albuquerque office asking everyone if they had any items they wanted to include. The result? THREE HUGE boxes of goodies for the girls -- from toiletries to CDs to posters to feminine supplies to chocolates to cold medicine to nutrition bars!!! I wrapped 28 individual goody bags from everything everyone gave me, so that each girl will get at least one present. There was still another huge box full of stuff, so they have lots of extra gifts each, plus stuff to share. One box weighed 39 pounds and the other weighed so much that it couldn't be registered on the Miller Stratvert mailroom scale!!!! Then there was one other box that was mostly high-scale hair product supplies (a whole bunch of the miniature/ sample versions) donated by our librarian Diana's hair stylist, Stockton Hair Artists. They donated two big boxes, two medium boxes and about 4 smaller boxes full of these supplies!!!! (I am going to have to try this place out... I've been looking for a hair salon, and they are so generous!) And, my firm paid for all the shipping, via air, so that it will get there by Christmas hopefully. I am soooooooo glad they paid for it because it would have cost so much, I wouldn't have been able to pay for it all. The runners from the firm lugged the huge package full of wrapped presents I had done at home from my car to the runner's/mailing room, and helped me lug the other huge package from my office down to the runner's room and packaged the other two boxes which weren't taped up, and took it all to the post office. Everyone was so giving and thanked me for doing it and said I should continue sending the troop things throughout the year. One secretary, an Avon seller, donated lots of Avon stuff, while other people went out shopping and bought specific items the girls asked for on the website. Everyone signed a holiday card for them, which another person (not me) brought in to sign. I guess my firm has "adopted" this troop. :)

So, that is the update on my holiday package to Iraq. Mission complete, and more than I ever thought possible, thanks to the awesome people I work with. :) :) :) I was sick of fighting about the war and politics with my dad, and figured I'd do something productive for once. I just never knew my little "good" thought could go so far. I really hope the girls like it and write us back.

Also -- I went to the first meeting of the start-up of an Albuquerque Girls on the Run chapter. It was very inspiring, there were four other female runners who all want to do it. We talked about running as much as we did the chapter, so it was nice to hang out with other runners. I realized I don't really have any other running friends here, now that Sarah moved to Phoenix. :(

We decided to start our own non-profit. It is a very lengthy process but I think it will be worth it. We are going to aim for the June 1st deadline which gives us plenty of time (compared to the Feb. 1st deadline!!) to plan. Right now we are going to research schools and demographics to try to find one or two elementary or middle schools with a good mix of girls from different financial backgrounds. I am really excited about this. I'm glad I finally have a place I live at least semi-permanently (I don't plan to move for at least a few years, if ever) so I can be invovled in a community thing like this. I hope to make better friends with these women as well.

I also have a lot to do on my CASA case -- there's a Citizen's Review Board meeting and Christmas party for the foster kids next week. I have been really busy with volunteer stuff and need to buckle down and work harder at work. It's hard when so many birthday/ holiday things are coming up.
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